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Premium Castle Obstacle

Prepare for a regal adventure with our Premium Castle Obstacle Inflatable! This expansive play area is designed as a grand castle and combines thrilling obstacle courses with the charm of a medieval fortress. Perfect for competitive events, team-building activities, or just a day full of energetic fun, this inflatable offers an array of challenges that test agility, speed, and wit.

Key Features:

  • Castle-Themed Obstacle Course: Features a series of engaging obstacles, including climbing walls, tunnels, and barriers, all within a majestic castle design.

  • Engaging and Competitive: Designed to provide a fun and challenging environment for both kids and adults, promoting physical activity and teamwork.

  • Vibrant and Detailed Graphics: Adorned with medieval-themed artwork that enhances the adventure and excitement of the experience.

  • Durable and Safe: Constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety, allowing participants to tackle the challenges with confidence.

  • Easy to Set Up and Manage: Includes a powerful blower for quick setup and easy maintenance, ensuring that the fun starts without delay.

  • Versatile for All Events: Ideal for outdoor festivals, school events, corporate functions, and private parties, fitting perfectly into any event theme.

  • 1.5HP Blower Motor Included: Includes a powerful 1.5HP blower motor, enabling fast and efficient setup.

Setup area:16ft x 59ft 16ft Tall

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