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Mickey & Minnie 3D

Celebrate with the timeless charm of Disney's most beloved characters with our Mickey & Minnie 3D Inflatable! This vibrant and eye-catching inflatable features three-dimensional figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, making it a standout attraction at any child's party, family gathering, or Disney-themed event. It's an enchanting experience that brings the magic of Disney right into your backyard or event space.

Key Features:

  • Iconic Mickey & Minnie 3D Figures: Includes beautifully crafted 3D figures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, adding a dynamic and interactive element that delights all ages.

  • Engaging Play Area: Offers a spacious bounce house that encourages active fun and imaginative play among young guests.

  • Bright and Attractive Design: Decorated with vibrant colors and classic Disney motifs that capture the essence of Mickey and Minnie's cheerful spirit.

  • High-Quality Construction: Made from durable, safe materials that ensure a secure environment for bouncing, playing, and making memories.

Size: 17ft x 19ft x 15ft Tall

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